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The added benefits of CCTV


CCTV images capture more information than we think.

CCTV has become a must have security measure for most homes and businesses in Wilmslow and surrounding areas,with insurers insisting it be installed to cover your property and belongings from a visual perspective,

most CCTV systems are analogue with IP systems becoming more popular but did you know your CCTV recorder could hold the vital piece of evidence for crimes committed in the local area, most systems don’t provide clear enough images for convictions but they do help police forces build a picture of movements of criminals and various types of incidents.

So whatever system you have weather its entry level or top specification you probably have footage of someone doing something they shouldn’t, i am not asking everyone to trawl their recorders of all footage but if there has been incidents in the area and you have time to check your recorder, you may find that vital footage of suspect meetings, stolen cars, bicycles, physical assaults etc.

And added with other pieces of info the police have you could help remove dangerous people from the streets or catch thieves that may of gone un-caught by the police.

CCTV systems not only protect you and your property but could help others to with crimes being committed inside the view of our systems, adding lots of benefit to having a system installed.

Systems most likely to benefit from a wide field of view are fitted to properties located on the entrance to cul-de-sac roads or large housing estates where there is entrances at either end, also properties overlooking busy shops or areas of congregation.

In a high percentage of cases when CCTV is required for identifying an intruder the offender is already known to police and a conviction is gained through police identification, but in cases where there is no police history associated with the offender and there are a lack of fingerprints and other evidence a clear CCTV image is the only thing that will stand up in court, this one detail can be the only thing standing between you and justice.

Once we have CCTV installed it is essential we move with the times and upgrade our equipment every five to ten years to make sure we have the best possible chance of receiving justice for any loss or harm we may have experienced.

Nonetheless any footage we can capture with the use of CCTV can benefit in many ways.

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