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Wilmslow crime rates relating to burglary, what can we do to improve?


Crime figures relating to burglary in Wilmslow in march 2017 from Cheshire constabulary

looking at the Wilmslow crime map published by Cheshire police it would suggest Wilmslow has a continuing trend of less than 20 burglaries per month, considering the amount of homes in the area this is a good figure, but what can we do reduce the continual problem of burglary month after month.

Alarm systems are the first visual deterrent to any potential burglar, but what system you have inside your home is not necessarily going to stop a burglary but it will lower the response time from when an intruder gains access, a well maintained system will not cry wolf and updated detectors compensate for the possibility of insects in and around the detectors.

Therefore your neighbours are more likely to investigate a sounding alarm, too many systems fall foul of poor maintenance and your immediate neighbours just sigh when your alarm sounds and have no intention of looking for a intruder, added problems are if your external box has no cut off timer it can sound for hours creating a problem between you and your neighbours and your system being seen as a nuisance.

The amount of detectors inside your property is not just a good solution on its own, there must be a regular yearly or every other year check up on the system to maintain its credibility as an effective system, with your neighbours and with police response.

Some modern systems provide simple texting attributes built in and older systems can be fitted with dialler devices to alert your mobile to a multiple activation of detectors,(it is very unlikely to have a false alarm from two or more detectors at once), this gives clear indication someone has gained entry to your property by means of intrusion.

By upgrading your external bell and decoy box which can be done on any alarm system regardless of age permitting there is enough cable cores to accommodate the new sounder box, most systems installed after year 2000 will have enough cable capacity, this will boost your appearance from the street to potential intruders and show a conscious effort toward keeping them out regardless of what system or amount of detectors are present in the property.

So overall its not always about detection levels inside, its about your street appearance to potential intruders and maintaining integrity of system to attract neighbours and passers by when the system is sounding, or introducing texting modules to alert neighbours to the severity of the condition by phone or police response via the means of a monitoring centre contract.

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